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January 26, 2009


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tee-hee...I've always loved that word too! SNOOD! :o) This one you have knit is wonderful--matches your coat so elegantly, Judy. And isn't Kyoko clever with her tutorials?! I learn something new there all the time...Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by if you get a chance this week--I'm having a fun Valentine Giveawa! :o)


Boy, this is so cute! Where I come from, we'd call this a muffler, so when I saw your title about "snoods," I thought you meant something else entirely. A snood to me is a decorative net for long hair from the 1940s. It can also be knitted or crocheted.

I agree about words, though. I adore saying kumquat and snood too!


Hi NoirGirl - yes! Snood meant the 40's decorative net to me too, and we Canadians would also call what I have knit a muffler. But Rowan says it's a snood and muffler makes me think of engines and grease, and so snood it is! Snood. Snood. ;o)


i have no idea what snood means beacause i m french but i love the results


Thank you for checking my tutorial. I am so happy that it is useful! :D
Love the word snood, and you have made a beautiful snood! Kumquat - I haven't heard that word for ages!!! hehe!
Are you in Ravelry? If not, you should join because there are lots of patterns!


I love the'snood'. I have some yarn that would be perfect. What a great, easy project.


Nice! Started making one today! Off white and light grey. Looks good so far. Can't wait to wear it.

dor cooke

ta very much for pattern i was also looking for something different to make as hats tend to blow away


Thanks so much for this... Been looking online for what seems like forever for a decent (and easy) pattern

Keep up the good work :-)


pls could i get the pattern for the snood


I think a would prefer one of these over a traditional scarf. Less junk and flying pieces to deal with while wearing. I especially like your stripes and color choice. Might just need to make one of these for my next projects. Urgh. I have too many "next" projects.


A lovely friend of mine just got one a snood for her birthday -- it was beautiful and looked so cozy. I can't wait to try to make one.


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.


Hi, could you possibly tell me what length circular needles I need to use for this? I have never knitted with circular needles before and so need to buy some for this but don't want to waste my money on the wrong size needles.


i thought this was called a cowl? also a cool word to say... COWL :) whatever you wanna call it, it's pretty cool!


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


Interesting site, always a new topic .. good luck in the new 2011. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.

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I went looking for a pattern for a traditional snood - like they used to wear during WW2 in the munitions factories to cover their long hair. However, I am glad I stumbled on your easy pattern. I'm with Tammy and would have called this a cowl too. and yes it's all cool!

quail hill

I have used these methods since I read about them on her blog

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